Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bandit is on vacation

hey guys,
Bandit will be back soon he is at his vacation barn. I miss him my trainer says they are maybe going to get him in late march. But from what i have heard he is at a pretty good farm. Their is another horse that looks like him and his name is Popeye.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bandit and My first show

Hi! this blog is about me and Bandit. Right now Bandit is at another barn on vaction.

Above there is my dad and me plus bandit. we were getting ready for a show! neeeeeee bandit says with joy!

There is me and Bandit in the show. why do we have to jump these big jumps Allie? well i just have the joy of the jumps and the riding!

Above there you see my nice teacher mrs.Parrott. she almost saw me but she was a little late but i still got to show her what a trot a cantor is. She also got to see my buddy Bandit. Hi said Bandit welcoming her.